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Beckford’s Tower Banner recognises African Ancestors

The audio and images below capture the responses from families, when invited to visit Beckford’s Tower. Artist Jacqueline Braithwaite is also invited by the team at Bath Preservation Trust.  Jacqueline has a “love-hate” relationship with the tower because of her appreciation for exquisite things, while she is also troubled about the source of the wealth that built and filled the tower.

The mission for our young, gifted and Black schoolers was to shape their own creative responses for a new exhibit, to be seen by tourists and visitors to Beckford’s Tower, Bath.

Family Responses and Artists’ Statements (audio)

Listen to the voices and views on Imperial Voice Radio Listen Again,

You can view images or slideshow below.

Black Families and Beckford’s Tower banner with Artist – Jacqueline Braithwaite (images)

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Beckford’s Tower Banner recognises African Ancestors

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