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Matt Jacobs responds to Government guidance about ‘White Privilege’

The Facts of White Privilege article can be found here – Matt Jacobs, Wide Open Voices

In 2019, 86% of teachers were White British. This is not only over-representative in comparison to the work force – 78% of the workforce are White British – but is compounded by the fact that only 1% of teachers are Black African, 1% are Pakistani, and 2% are Indian. These figures need to be considered in relation to the data that shows that 19% of the UK population of school age are of Black and Minoritized heritage. Thus, the cultural dynamic of the British education system is firmly White British, and the combined impact of unconscious biases and White British influenced pedagogical approaches means that it is set up to benefit White pupils.

Clearly, this seems to fly in the face of the data that shows how the education system has failed White working-class pupils. However, the key point to remember in this is that this failure is born of middle-class privilege in that the education system is set up to benefit middle-class pupils over working-class pupils. It is in this that the issue and complexity of intersectionality begins to emerge

READ the article here -> Matt Jacobs, Wide Open Voices

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Matt Jacobs responds to Government guidance about ‘White Privilege’

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