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Timecode 2012-13

Going through the archives of Black Families, we can discover a number of videos and content that show the different people who have been a part of the organisation over the years.

This is one example of a piece of work about bullying and ‘race’. We see the students and the staff, at Percy Centre using drama actvities to explore racial discrimination and bullying.

The video includes pupils talking about the supplementary school itself and the value of the drama exercise for giving voice and attention to these issues, which they don’t often get to tackle in such a creative way.

In a rather ‘Noughts and Crosses’ fashion, their drama inverts the racial norm as it is in the UK, to illustrate their points-  the same idea as Malorie Blackman’s book.

In this video, a girl racialised as white, who is also called Blackman speaks honestly about being bullied and being a bully, as she takes part in the Black Families activity and goes through an empathetic experience around ‘race’.

This video file was a work in progress, so there are large gaps and draft slides.

What would be good to find out is who some of these young people are and where they are now, almost ten years on.

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Timecode 2012-13

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