BFESG Ambassadors Programme

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About – Using this site

The aim of this site is to capture the conversation, consultations, commitments and activities related to the BFESG Ambassadors programme.

It also holds the Race Equality Charter, which will guide the work of the Ambassadors Programme.

Read, Watch, Listen

The site consists of Posts and works as a project blog for the BFESG Race Equality Ambassadors Programme. Posts can have text as well as links and audio visual content that you can watch or listen to.


Posts on the site are categorised into the main TOPICS that capture the aims of the programme.

Site Topics


Posts can have Tags also. These can be used to relate to other posts, topics and themes. All tags can be accessed through the Tag Cloud.

When Creating a Post, sometimes it is hard to know which tags to use, or how many. And since all subjects relate to each other, you could probably tag a post with all the tags. How much is too many? That is up to you to decide but consider that the more tags there is on a post, the less meaningful they become.

Tags relate posts to each other

& Subscribe

The chat icon will take you down to the Comments section of the post you are reading, where you can read and reply to comments, or make your own. Subscribing to posts and conversations means you will get updates on new replies.

Comments – make and reply

Creating Posts

Some logged-in members are able to create new posts. This is good for making new articles, adding pictures, videos links or anything that works with the conversations on the site. The site is hosted on a blogging platform, which is a space where creativity is encouraged. So essays, presentations, poems, thoughts and reflections about life – are welcome. Or just post a simple link if you think it might be useful to others or relate to the topics here.

Create a Post


Please also check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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