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Race Equality Charter

BANES Race Equality Charter in schools – Review

Charter Progress Webinar – Please register Race Equality Charter Progress Webinar   Details The B&NES Race Equality and Hate Crime Task Force Partnership is hosting a Webinar to review our progress and showcase some of the great work that schools have undertaken over the last year to implement the Race Equality Charter and meet their commitment to […]

… Race Equality in Schools – Charter – launch Webinar

Launch event – Tuesday 10th May 2022 – 6pm to 7.30pm – Online Webinar B&NES Race Equality Charter Mark Who should attend? The webinar is open to all to attend – particularly school leadership teams, teachers, other professionals, young people and parents/carers.   Content of the webinar: The launch event will give an overview of […]

01. Inclusive Environment

1 Creating an inclusive, anti-racist school environment, where everyone feels they belong and race equality and cultural diversity are actively promoted.

02. Challenging Racism

    2      Challenging all racist incidents, bullying and harassment, taking them seriously and dealing with them effectively in a supportive, meaningful and empowering manner. 

03. Championing Race Equality

    3      Championing race equality through school leadership and governance and ensuring planning, policies and procedures effectively promote race equality and challenge racism. 

04. Empower Students

    4      Educating, enabling and empowering students to challenge racism, promote race equality and celebrate cultural diversity.

05. Diverse Curriculum

    5      Teaching a curriculum that represents the ethnic diversity of our society and aims to raise the aspirations and attainment of all students by providing an education which includes the heritage, perspectives and contributions of all ethnic groups, challenges personal and institutional racism, and enables students to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging.

06. High Expectations

    6      Ensuring equality of opportunity for students from all ethnic groups to succeed, aspire and achieve their educational potential, removing any barriers to progress and attainment and reducing any gaps between different ethnic groups. 

07. Managing Behaviour

    7      Managing the behaviour of all pupils fairly and equally and adopting good practice strategies to address any differences in sanctions or exclusions between ethnic groups.

08. Admissions and Access

    8      Making the admissions process accessible and equal for students from all ethnic groups and that strategies to maintain attendance take account of the backgrounds and needs of students from all ethnic groups. 

09. Community Partnerships

    9      Working in partnership with local communities and organisations to support our staff, students and parents in relation to race equality, cultural diversity and tackling racial discrimination and harassment.

10. Staff Training

    10   Training all staff and governors to develop their understanding and knowledge so that they can teach, address and respond effectively to issues of race and racism.

11. Staff Diversity

    11   Ensuring our recruitment procedures follow the law and guidance on race equality and allow us to employ and develop an ethnically diverse workforce that is representative of the communities we serve.  

12. Monitoring and Evaluating

    12    Routinely monitoring all aspects of the school to highlight any racial inequalities, understand their cause and take action to remove any unfairness or disadvantage.

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