BFESG Ambassadors Programme

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02. Challenging Racism

Beckford’s Tower Banner recognises African Ancestors

The audio and images below capture the responses from families, when invited to visit Beckford’s Tower. Artist Jacqueline Braithwaite is also invited by the team at Bath Preservation Trust.  Jacqueline has a “love-hate” relationship with the tower because of her appreciation for exquisite things, while she is also troubled about the source of the wealth […]

02. Challenging Racism

    2      Challenging all racist incidents, bullying and harassment, taking them seriously and dealing with them effectively in a supportive, meaningful and empowering manner. 

Dreadlocks in Schools and Education

Big tings a gwan in this short Reasoning on Dreadlocks in schools and education. The discussion features experiences of today’s families in Bath, from members of Black Families Education Support Group. Really important conversation featuring – Princess Black, Simbah Pilé, Malcolm Richards and Professor Shawn Sobers. I had the honour of being able to chair […]

What about BHM- Black History Month in schools?

old black and white picture with four black women in a very early car.

There seems to be a growing sense of confusion about this month, which is aimed at celebrating Black culture and achievement. It is a part of diversifying representation in the school curriculum and environment. Though we seem to be running into problems of late. What should it be called? Which communities and groups is it […]

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